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Presentation of the software

This software is a calculation program, according to known and tested method in water treatment speciality : HALLOPEAU & DUBIN method, to modify and supplement by the author (French Software Protection : Act 92-597 of 1 July 1992 on the Intellectual Property Code) .
See : J. Hallopeau - " Les équilibres carboniques dans les eaux " - Terres et Eaux, 1960/1961.

EQUILWIN software can calculate calcocarbonic equilibrium in water. It allows to characterize a water or a mixture of many waters, to establish whether a scaling water, aggressive or balance and determine appropriate treatment to reduce this water balance, or to test various treatments. The proposed treatments are those that are usually found on plants for drinking water production. This software was developed by Pierre RAVARINI, engineer / hydrologist specialist water treatment and in particular carbonic equilibrium, according to the principles of the Hallopeau-Dubin method, supplemented by the author. Development principles and general ergonomics have been largely inspired by Equil program.

These principles are:

The calculations in EQUILIWIN are mainly based on the formulas of Hallopeau-Dubin. This is especially known from the use of graphic carbon paper with a template to trace the evolution of the water after neutralization treatment. The software reproduces this approach, firstly by performing all calculations using equations, drawing a carbon graphic similar to that used today, but it is supplemented by conventional acid-base chemical equations calculations, precipitation, etc..

Calculations Hallopeau-Dubin-Ravarini method were compared in 2000 (by a large corporation in the field of water) with those of the method of Legrand-Poirier-Leroy. They identified the domain of validity of the software EQUIL:

Domain of validity


natural water

atmospheric pressure


temperature between 0°C and 80°C

pH is between 4.5 and 9.5

dry residue: less then 800 mg/L

conductivity: less then 1055 microSiemens/cm

resistivity: greater than 950 Ohm.cm

* The comparison between the software has determined that the results are quite comparable to a conductivity of 800 mS/cm and the results are still acceptable up to 1,055 m S/ cm (gap index saturation of the order of 0.15 pH units). Limit use of the software is indicated for 1055 m S/cm for conductivity, which covers 99% of waters in France, however it should be noted calculation is normally done for all input values (limits indicated).

This version of EQUILWIN therefore meets the following requirements:

Provide study and operators a calculator calc- carbonic equilibrium used in over 90% of water encountered in France (review the Domains section of validity) , so help diagnose the quality of the offices water and / or the control plants .

EQUILWIN is reliable enough in most cases to monitor water quality in network, and to conduct treatment in factory. It also provides a good approximation of treatment system design. Moreover, it is recalled author may develop upon request, versions adapted to needs of professional.


EquilWin Software created by Pierre Ravarini
PR Copyright February 2014